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Archived Conference Information

Congratulations! Conference Presentations and Awards

2015-2016 Archived News

The MARC program was well represented at the 2015 South Central Writing Centers Association Conference (“What Starts Here Writes The World”) at the University of Texas-Austin this February. Presenters included current students, graduates, and faculty: Cresta Bayley: “Re-Writing Wikipedia in the Writing Center: A Retrospective and How-To”; Collin Couey: “Tutoring on the Margins: Helping Students with ADHD”; Shaun Ford, Nancy Wilson, and Rachel Snow: “Welcome to the Tea Party: Process vs. Product in the Writing Center Wonderland”; Rebecca Jackson: “‘Feeling Rules,’ Outlaw(ed) Emotions, and the Affective Landscape of Writing Center Tutoring”; Kristin Riggs: “Prompting Change in the Writing Center: A Writing Instructor’s Perspective”

Dr. Rebecca Jackson presented "Text Affiliations, Program Strengths, and the (Re)Making of MA Writing Studies Identity" at the 2015 CCCC in Tampa, Fl. She spoke as part of a panel on MA Writing Studies programs titled "Masters of Risk: MA Writing Studies Programs as Sites of Innovation."

MARC student Colin Couey presented "You and Your Crew: A Critical History of Rap Groups" at the Popular Culture Associate conference in New Orleans, LA, April 2015.

Dr. Octavo Pimentel and MARC students Edward Garza and Melinda Ingersoll presented "Cuentos  Exitosos: Success  Stories of Hispanic Developmental Students" at the 2015 Texas State University Student Success Symposium in January.

MARC student Nathaniel Hagemaster presented "Constructing the "Spooky Queen:" Hyper Gender Portrayals and Androgyny in Horror Movies Contributing to Alternative Drag Identities" at the 2015 Southwest Popular American Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He also acted as session chair.

2014-2015 Archived News

MARC student Jeffery Downs was accepted to the 2014 International Writing Centers Association National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. He will be presenting his paper, "Writing Center to Faculty, a Path Worth Exploring."

2013-2014 Archived News

MARC student Graham Oliver presented his paper "A Supposedly Rhetorical Thing: David Foster Wallace, Burke's Identification, and Television" at the 2014 Rhetoric Society of America Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Octavio Pimentel presented his paper “Mexican Wrestlers and White Cowboys:  Racist Media Spots in Television Commercials” on the panel "Racial Discourses in Media Unchained" at the 2013 Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference.

Rebecca Jackson presented her paper, "Laboring for Access (and Money): Directing a Virtual Writing Center in a For-Profit Institution," on the panel "Neither Here nor There: Opening the Story of Writing Center Labor" at the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis, IN.

Octavio Pimentel presented his paper "Taqueros, Luchadores, y los Brits: U.S. Racial Rhetorics and its Global Influence" on the panel "Opening Technical Communication to Discussions of Race and Ethnicity: A Conversation between Scholars in Technical Communication and Rhetoric and Composition" at the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis, IN.  

MARC students Caroline Richardson and Shaun Bryan presented with Nancy Wilson and Michelle Elliott at the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication. Their presentation is titled "Co-Cultural Dis/Ability Discourses: Redefining Access in the Cs".

MARC student Alexis McGee presented her paper, "Barbie Goes Abroad: Stereotypes of The World" at the 2013 Popular/American Culture Conference.

MARC student Megan Boeshart presented her paper, "Women Narrating their Experience in the Online Gaming Community" at the 2013 FemRhet Conference at Stanford University.

MARC students Graham Oliver and Bree Henderson presented their paper, "Prosumer Backers and Self-Marketing Projects: The Rhetoric of Crowdfunding" at the 2013 Computers and Writing Conference in Frostburg, Maryland.

Octavio Pimentel presented his paper, "Giving Voice: The Latin@ Voice that is often Ignored at Best" at the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Las Vegas, NV.

Rebecca Jackson presented her paper, "Uncovering the Hidden Work of Writing Center Administration" as part of the panel, "The Public (Face)Work of Administration: A Case Study of Six New Writing Center Directors," at the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Las Vegas, NV, March 2013. 

Rebecca Jackson presented her paper "Interrogating 'Support': Writing Center Master Narratives and the Politics of Change" at the 2013 Future of Writing Centers Symposium in Austin, TX, February 2013.

MARC students Kristie O'Donnell and Graham Oliver presented their paper "Big & Small: Theory in Practice" at the 2013 Future of Writing Centers Symposium in Austin, TX, February 2013.

MARC student Manuel Pina presented his paper "Reflections on (Dis)comfort in Writing Center Narratives" at the 2013 Future of Writing Centers Symposium in Austin, TX, 2013. 

Courtney Werner, 2008 MARC graduate, 2012 Kent State graduate, and Assistant Professor at Hope College published "Age and Peer Status in Writing Center Conferences." The article, written with Jessica Heffner, can be found in the winter 2013 issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly.

Justin Whitney, 2012 MARC graduate, has had his article, "The 2010 Citizens Clean Elections Voter Education Guide," accepted for publication in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

2011-2012 Archived News

Nancy Wilson's essay, "Stocking the Bodega: Towards a New Writing Center Paradigm," has been accepted for publication in the fall 2012 issue of Praxis: A Writing Center Journal.

Nancy WilsonSue Beebe, MFA poetry student Stephanie Noll, and MARC student Lisa Bovee presented "Say What? One Hundred Years of Pedagogical Struggles with Composition Handbooks" at the 2011 Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English, held Nov. 17-22, in Chicago.

Dr. Deb Balzhiser and Dr. Rebecca Jackson presented papers on the panel "Mapping Contested Spaces for the Undergraduate Major in Writing and Rhetoric" at the 2011 CCCC in Atlanta. Dr. Balzhiser's paper is titled 'Reading the Writing Major Configurations"; Dr. Jackson's paper is titled "Mission Work and the Work of Missions."

Dr. Octavio Pimentel and students Shana Hamid, Casie Moreland, and Cheyenne Riggs presented their panel "Ya Basta Con el Racismo!: Time to Recognize the OTHERS' Space" at the 2011 CCCC in Atlanta.

2009-2010 Archived News

 MARC students Shana Hamid, Casie Moreland, and Cheyenne Riggs presented their panel "Actions Speak Louder than Words" at the 2010 AESA Conference in Denver, CO.

MARC student Andy Besa presented "Cantifilas Sails: My Secret Life as a Writing Center Tutor" at the 2010 IWCA-NCPTW Conference in Baltimore, MD.

MARC student Andy Besa presented "The Nepantla Beyond the Writing Center Door" at the New Directions Conference at the University of Arizona.