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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements
The Master of Arts in English with a major in Rhetoric and Composition is a 33-hour degree program. All students take 12 hours of core courses in rhetoric and composition, 9-12 hours of prescribed electives in rhetoric and composition, 6 additional hours in rhetoric and composition or a related cognate area (technical communication, for example). To complete the program, students write a thesis (6 hours over two semesters) or produce a portfolio and take a written comprehensive exam (3 hours during one semester).


In order to register for classes, MARC students must email the Graduate Assistant at to request department approval for each course, preferably before registration begins. MARC courses tend to be popular among students in other departments, so confirming your intention to enroll in a course and requesting approval helps the MARC department ensure that MARC students are able to enroll in the courses they need. Please include the CRNs of each course and, if applicable, the section number of the course. 


The following is a breakdown of required, prescribed, cognate, and thesis or portfolio requirements and hours:
Required Core Courses (12 hour)
________  ENG 5316 Topic: Composition Pedagogy (offered every spring)
________  ENG 5326 Composition Theory (offered every spring)
________  ENG 5327 Research Methods (offered every fall)
________  ENG 5383 Topic: Rhetorical Theory (offered every fall)
Prescribed Elective Courses in Rhetoric and Composition (9-12 Hours) 
Thesis students will take 9 prescribed electives; portfolio/written comprehensive exam students will take 12 hours of prescribed electives. 
_______  ENG 5300 Problems in a Multicultural Environment
_______  ENG 5310 Studies in English Language and Linguistics
_______  ENG 5313 Topic: Computers and Writing
_______  ENG 5313 Topic: Visual Rhetoric
_______  ENG 5314 Topic: Teaching Technical Communication
_______  ENG 5316 Foundations in Rhetoric and Composition (topics vary) (excludes ENG 5316 Topic:  Composition Pedagogy) (repeatable for up to 9 hours of credit)
_______  ENG 5317 Specializations in Rhetoric and Composition (topics vary) (repeatable for up to 9 hours of credit)
_______ ENG 5383 Studies in Rhetoric (topics vary) (excludes ENG 5383 Topic: Rhetorical Theory) (repeatable for up to 9 hours of credit) 
Additional Electives in Rhetoric and Composition or Cognate Area (6 hours)
_______  Course number and title
_______  Course number and title
Thesis (6 hours) OR Portfolio (3 hours)
_______  ENG 5399 Thesis A (Prerequisite: 18 hours) AND
_______  ENG 5399 Thesis B (Prerequisite: Thesis A)
_______  ENG 5328 Directed Portfolio