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Journals, Organizations, and Conferences

Journals in Rhetoric and Composition

The following journals are available electronically and as a hardcopy through the Texas State Library:

College Composition and Communication
College English
Composition Studies
Computers and Composition
Discourse and Society
English Journal
Journal of Basic Writing
Language in Society
Research in the Teaching of English
Rhetoric Review
Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Teaching English in the Two-Year College
Written Communication


The following journals are available only online through the Texas State Library periodical list:

Kairos (e-journal)

WAC Journal


The following journals are avilable only as a hardcopy through the Texas State Library: 

Journal of Advanced Composition

Organizations & Conferences in Rhetoric and Composition

The Doctoral Consortium in Rhetoric and Composition is a valuable resource for anyone who is considering continuing his or her studies at the Ph.D. level.

The National Council of Teachers of English is an organization dedicated to issues related to the teaching of English.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication is the largest professional organization in the field of composition.  Its annual conferences are attended by many in the Texas State MARC department. 

Kairos is an academic journal that concerns itself with rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy.  

The International Writing Centers Association fosters the growth and development of writing center directors and tutors.

The Council for Writing Program Administrators is an assocation of university faculty with professional interests in directing writing programs. 

The Rhetoric Society of America is a professional organization dedicated to the study and teaching of rhetoric. 

Computers and Writing explores the ways in which computer-mediated communication affects our writing practices.