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Octavio Pimentel

Dr. Octavio Pimentel

Dr. Octavio Pimentel
Professor, Rhetoric and Composition

Dr. Octavio Pimentel joined the Masters in Rhetoric and Composition Program in The Department of English at Texas State University in 2005. He has taught various classes in the rhetoric and composition field, including first-year composition courses, advanced composition, technical writing, as well as critical graduate courses that encompass issues of minority languages, rhetoric, and writing. Critically trained in rhetoric, writing, and education, Dr. Pimentel combines these fields while addressing critical issues of minoritized individuals in the composition field.

Since his arrival at Texas State University, Dr. Pimentel has and continues to publish extensively, which includes publishing 2 books: Historias de Éxito within Mexican Communities: Silenced Voices (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), and Communicating Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Technical Communication, which won the 2016 Technical and Scientific Communication Award for Best Collect of Essay National Book Award (Baywood Press, 2014). Currently, Dr. Pimentel is working on his third book, Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media, which is under review with Computers and Composition Digital Press.

Since 2005, Dr. Pimentel has presented in over 30 national and international conferences, and he has won several awards for his hard work. In Fall 2015 Dr. Pimentel was nominated by the Department of English for the Presidential Distinction Award for Scholarship, and in Spring 2016, he was elected to join the Editorial Board for the College Composition and Communication Journal. In 2014-2015 Dr. Pimentel was selected as the Faculty Recipient of the Excellence in Diversity Award for Texas State University, and he was elected to serve on the CCCC/NCTE National Executive Committee in 2013. 


Office Flowers Hall M23
Office Phone 512-245-3724


Ph.D., Social Foundation of Education: Emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition
M.A., Composition Studies, California State University-Chico
B.A., English, Spanish and Chicano Studies Minor, California State University-Chico


Teaching & Research Interests  
Composition Studies Composition Theory and Pedagogy
Minority Rhetorics and Literacy Practices Qualitative Research                                    


Courses Commonly Taught
ENG 5300 Topic: Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment
ENG 5313 Topic: Research Methods
ENG 5316 Topic: Composition Theory
ENG 5316 Topic: Writing for Social Justice
ENG 5317 Topic: Literacy Studies
ENG 5317 Topic: Critical Media Studies
ENG 3311 Topic: Hip Hop Literacy
ENG 3311 Topic: Writing Ethnographies


Selected Publications
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Howard, Moore Rebecca and Pimentel, Octavio. "Latina/o Language, Discourses, and Rhetorics: A Bibliography for Composition and Rhetoric." <>:December 2010. Online.

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