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Past Course Offerings

Spring 2015

ENG 5310: Computers and Writing  (Dr. Deb Balzhiser) 

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Eric Leake)

ENG 5317: Specializations in Rhetoric and Composition (Dr. Octavio Pimentel or Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5326: Contemporary Composition Theory (Dr. Jaime Mejia) 

Fall 2014

ENG 5383: History of Rhetoric (Dr. Eric Leake)

ENG 5327: Research Methods (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 53/7317: Writing for Presentation and Pubication (Dr. Eric Leake)

Spring 2014

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Nancy Wilson)

ENG 53/7317: Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Administration (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Eric Leake)

Fall 2013

ENG 5317: Literacy Studies (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 5327: Research Methods (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5383: Studies in Rhetoric, Topic: The (Supposedly) Rhetorical Mind: Rhetoric and Psychology (Dr. Eric Leake)

ENG 5383: History of Rhetorical Theory (Dr. Deb Balzhiser)

Spring 2013

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Nancy Wilson)

ENG 5317: Critical Media Studies (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5383: Chicano/a Rhetorics (Dr. Jaime Mejia)

Fall 2012

ENG 5327: Research Methods (Dr. Octavio Pimentel) 

ENG 5385: Rhetorical Theory (Dr. Deb Balzhiser) 

ENG 5316: Narrative Ways of Knowing in Rhetoric and Composition (Dr. Rebecca Jackson) 

Spring 2012

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Rebecca Jackson) 

Writing for Social Justice (Dr. Octavio Pimentel) 

ENG 5310: Computers and Writing (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser) 

ENG 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Jaime Mejia) 

Fall 2011

ENG 5300: Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment  (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 53/7317: Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Administration (Dr. Rebecca Jackson) 

ENG 5383: Rhetorical Theory (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser)

Spring 2011

ENG 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Jaime Mejía)

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 5327: Research Methods (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5313: Digital Literacies (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser)

Fall 2010

ENG 5317: Writing for Publication (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser)

ENG 5317: Feminist Movements in Composition (Dr. Rebecca Jackson) 

ENG 5317: Literacy Studies (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

ENG 5383: Rhetorical Theory (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser) 

Spring 2010

English 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

English 5326: Composition Theory (Dr. Jaime Mejía)

English 5327: Research Methods (Dr. Octavio Pimentel)

Fall 2009

ENG 5300: Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment (Dr. Octavio Pimentel) 

ENG 5317: Writing Center Theory and Practice (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)

ENG 5383: Rhetorical Theory (Dr. Deb Balzhiser)

Spring 2009

ENG 5310: Digital Literacies (Dr. Deborah Balzhiser)

ENG 5316: Composition Pedagogy (Dr. Octavio Pimentel) 

ENG 5383: Political Rhetoric (Dr. Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler)

Fall 2008

ENG 5313: Research Methods (Dr. Miriam Williams)

ENG 5316: Composition Theory (Dr. Rebecca Jackson) 

Spring 2008

ENG 5317: Chicano/a Rhetorics (Dr. Jaime Mejía) 

ENG 5317: Gender and Writing (Dr. Rebecca Jackson)