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Thesis Information

A thesis is a document that presents original substantive scholarship or research in your field. Some people compare the thesis to a "research paper," although the thesis is longer than any research paper you would typically write for a graduate course. In the MARC program, the thesis will showcase your ability to make a meaningful contribution to the scholarly conversation in a particular area of rhetoric and composition. A conventional thesis is organized into chapters and is 60-75 pages in length, excluding the bibliography and any appendices. 

Portfolio & Comprehensive Exam Information

The portfolio, written comprehensive exam, and oral defense option for completing your degree provides you the opportunity to showcase your work in the program; craft an argument about what this work says about you as a writer, your writing process, and your journey through the program; reflect carefully and critically on this work and journey; and use your knowledge in the program's four core competencies--history of rhetoric, composition theory, composition pedagogy, ad research methods--and your designated 'area of specialization' to respond thoughtfully and thoroughly to complex issues or scenarios.