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2018 Graduates

Andrew Booth successfully defended his thesis, "The Rhetoric of Authoritarianism in the 2016 Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump," and graduated in December 2018. He currently teaches AP and dual-credit English at Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park, and plans to apply to PhD programs in the Fall. 
Emily Rybarski successfully defended her thesis, "Service Learning in the Writing Classroom: The Role Intergenerational Partnerships Play in Developing Community Writers," and graduated in May 2018. She is currently a lecturer in the English department at Texas State University teaching first-year writing. 
Arun Raman successfully defended his portfolio and comprehensive exam and graduated in May 2018.

2017 Graduates

Nathaniel Hagemaster successfully defended his thesis, "Queening the Intersection: Using Drag Rhetoric and Intersectional Theory in Critical Composition Pedagogy," and graduated in May 2017. 
Shane Teague successfully defended his thesis, Toward a Translingual Orientation to Writing Instruction at a Hispanic-Serving Institution, and graduated in May 2017. He currently works as a copy writer and the head of writing at Chewy Studios Dallas.
Ronessa McDonald successfully defended her thesis, "Negotiating Writing in a Testing Climate: A Case Study of a Novice Teacher," and graduated in May 2017. She is Curriculum Director in Comal ISD
Barrie McGee successfully defended her thesis, "''Guerilla Conversations:' The Role of Informal Peer Collaboration on MA of Rhetoric and Composition Learning and Disciplinary Identity," and graduated in August 2017. She will enter the PhD program in Developmental Education, Literacy Concentration at Texas State University in Fall 2018.
Courtney Hickerson successfully defended her thesis, "The Language of Liberation and Oppression: Sex and Gender in the Nation of Gods and Earths," and graduated in August 2017. 

2016 Graduates

Cresta Bayley successfully defended her thesis, "The Misconceptions, Anxieties, and Experiences of First Time Writing Center Peer Tutors," and graduated in May 2016. 
Clare Murray successfully defended her thesis, "Being Right or Doing Right? Employing Virtue Theory in Response to Religious Student Discourse in First-Year Writing," and graduated in May 2016. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor at St. Edward's University.
Edward Garza successfully defended his thesis, "The Public Pochx: Rhetorics of American-Born Latinxs," and graduated in May 2016. He currently works as an Adjunct Professor at St. Edward's University. 
Kristin Milligan successfully defended her thesis, "One Taboo Conversation at a Time: Employing Writing Centers in Dismantling White Privilege," and graduated in August 2016. 

2015 Graduates

Colin Couey is currently working as a social media manager for a startup company in Austin. 
Jeffery Downs is the Writing Center Director at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX.
Melissa Heidelberg has continued her employment with a global consulting firm, Accenture, as a Technology Consultant.
Shaun Bryan graduated from the MA Rhetoric and Composition program in 2015 and the M.A. in Applied Philosophy and Ethics (MAAPE) program at Texas State in 2017. Shaun is currently pursuing his PhD in English at Purdue University. 

2014 Graduates

Megan Boeshart successfully defended her thesis, "Female Gamers, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Sexism: Gender Politics in World of Warcraft," and graduated in May 2014. She is currently Writing Center Director at Old Dominion University, where is also pursuing her PhD in English.
Bree Henderson successfully completed her written comprehensive exams and defended her portfolio in May 2014. She works as a student recruiter for Texas State University.
Alexis McGee successfully defended her thesis, "Hip Hop Pedagogies: An Alternative Praxis" and graduated in 2014. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Texas San Antonio and has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of English: Composition, Rhetoric, and English Studies program at the University of Central Florida.
Graham Oliver successfully defended his thesis, "Do as I Say, Not as I Grade: Evaluating Personal Writing in First-Year Composition" and graduated in 2014. He is now pursuing his MFA at Texas State University.
Caroline Richardson successfully defended her thesis and graduated in May 2014. She is currently working as a technical writer.
Faith Thomas successfully defended her thesis, "Boobies, Booty Shorts, and Bar Trash: How to Spot a Feminist," and graduated in May 2014.
Jose Cano successfully defended his thesis, "Writing through Colonialism: Rhetorical Situations and Approaches for Ethnic Writers," and graduated in may 2014.

2013 Graduates

Lisa Bovee successfully defended her thesis,"Differentiation: Implementing Multiple Intelligences in the LD Classroom" and graduated in 2013.
Laura Clemens successfully defended her thesis, "Model Students: the Role of Modeling And Reflection to Supplement Learning in the Graduate Classroom" and graduated in 2013.
Debi Martin successfully defended her portfolio and graduated in 2013. She is now an instructor at Park University in Austin.
Kristie Lussier successfully defended her thesis, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Women: A Critical Examination of Film, Discourse, and Changing Hegemonies in Media and Popular Christianity" and graduated in 2013. In 2017, Kristie received her PhD in Developmental Education, Literacy Specialization at Texas State University.
Manuel Pina successfully defended his thesis, "A (Re)Vision of Critical Pedagogy for Inclusion" and graduated in 2013. He is currently working toward his PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Texas Tech University, while also acting as Associate Director of Writing at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX.
Lauren Schiely successfully defended her thesis, "Sharing Our Stories: Using Narrative Inquiry to Examine Our Writing Centers" and graduated in 2013. She is currently working as senior lecturer and Writing Center Coordinator at Texas State University.
Micah Wright successfully defended his thesis, "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: The Student Veteran and Considerations of Space, Identity, and Pedagogy" and graduated in 2013. He is now pursuing a Ph.D. in English at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

2012 Graduates

Julia Bancroft successfully defended her thesis, "The USDA Food Plate Website: Culturally Conscious or Colorblind?" and graduated in 2012. She is currently employed at Technology, Automation, and Management (TeAM) as a proposal manager.
Andy Besa successfully defended his thesis, "Faith, Rhetoric, and Dominion: How Shared Literacy Lures Latinos" and graduated in 2012.
Alyssa Crow successfully defended her thesis, "Student Voices, Students' Right: Language Use in the Composition Classroom and "Students' Right to Their Own Language" and graduated in 2012. Alyssa is now a doctoral student in the PhD program in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Utah.
Morgan Gross succesfully defended her thesis, "To Meet Students' Feedback Requests Or Not: A Writing Center Tutor's Prerogative(?)" and graduated in May 2012. In 2018, Morgan received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She has been hired to direct the writing center at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, CA.
Jack H David Jr. successfully defended his thesis, "Does It Really Matter?" and graduated in May 2012.
Blanca Loya successfully defended her thesis, "Breaking Boundaries: Introducing Chicano Graffitti Art into the Composition Classroom," and graduated in 2012. She is now an instructor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at Texas State University.
Michelle Overman successfully completed her written comprehensive exams and portfolio in Spring 2012. She is now a Teach for America Corps Member teaching at Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, TX.
Amanda Rice successfully defended her thesis, "Female Authority: Female Teaching Assistant Experiences and Their Roles in the Writing Classroom" and graduated in May 2012.
Cheyenne Riggs successfully defended her thesis, "We Want-Um Your Wampum!": Colonizing, Appropriating, and Reconstructing Native American Identities Through Popular Culture" and graduated in May 2012. She is currently working as a full-time lecturer in the English Department at the University of Oklahoma.
Stephanie Stewart successfully defended her portfolio and graduated in 2012. She now teaches English at St. Michaels Academy where she founded and directs the Writing Center.
Justin Whitney successfully defended his thesis, "Narrowing the Gap: A Close Look at English Learners and Editing Practices" and graduated in May 2012. Justin is currently pursuing a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Utah.

2011 Graduates

Lisa Tomecek-Bias successfully defended her thesis in Spring 2011. Lisa now resides in Waco, TX.
Justin Tucker successfully completed his written comprehensive exams and portfolio in Spring 2011. He is currently an instructor in the English department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Casie Moreland successfully defended her thesis "White or Wrong: Application of Whiteness Theory in First-Year Composition Classes" in August 2011. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at Arizona State University.

2010 Graduates

Gwen Templin defended her thesis, "Writing-Intensive Designation: a Quasi-Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Program" and graduated in May 2010.

2009 Graduates

Gina Guzman defended her thesis, "Re-articulating Training Practices: Valuing the Ethnic Voice in Writing Center Tutor Training," in May 2009.
Chris Sisto completed his written comprehensive exams and portfolio in May 2009. Chris continues his career as a full-time instructor in the Department of Education at South Texas College in McAllen, TX.
Yazmin Lazcano defended her thesis,"Historical Memory Negotiated: Latino/a Rhetorical Reception to Ken Burns' The War," in August 2009. Yazmin is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Composition and Linguistics at Arizona State University.
Jenna Keith Allen defended her thesis,"Enacting a Feminist Pedagogy: Integrating Weblogs into the Composition Classroom," in August 2009.
​​​​​​​Bettina Ramon defended her thesis, "Composing, Gender and Composing Gender: The Construction of Gender Variances in Online Spaces," in October 2009.

Jonathan Polk defended his thesis, “Not Just Fun With Typography: Remediation of the Digital in Contemporary Print Fiction”, and graduated in 2009. Since graduation, Jon has delivered papers at two conferences, written a book chapter and collaborated on an article with Dr. Balzhiser. He is currently employed with Manor Independent School District, Manor, TX.

2008 Graduates

Collette Caton defended her thesis, entitled "Gendered Scholarship: An Examination of Gender Identity in Academic Weblogs" in May 2008.  Collette is currently in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Ph.D. program at Syracuse University.
Mary McCulley defended her thesis, entitled "A Reflection of Values: Examining the Creation of Writing Prompts" in August 2008.  Mary is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English at Texas Christian University.
Courtney Werner defended her thesis, entitled "Negotiating Authority: Age in the Writing Center" in May 2008, and her received her PhD in Literacy, Rhetoric and Social Practice Ph.D. program from Kent State University in 2012. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Monmouth University, New Jersey.