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Nancy Wilson

Nancy WilsonProfessor, Rhetoric and Composition
Director, Lower Division Studies

Nancy Wilson joined the Department of English in 1992. In 2017, Dr. Wilson received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching, teaching courses such as the T.A. Practicum, Composition Pedagogy, Composition Theory, and Women's Rhetoric.

Dr. Wilson coordinated and then directed the Texas State Writing Center from 1995-2014, and several of her scholarly articles from this time focus on writing centers. Writing Centers and the New Racism, a book featuring Dr. Wilson's article, "Bias in the Writing Center: Tutor Perceptions of African American Language," won the International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Book Award for 2011. Now, as Director of Lower Division Studies, Dr. Wilson's scholarship has shifted to the composition classroom, and she will be presenting her paper, "Cultivating Awareness: Deconstruction as a Tool for Diversity in the TA Practicum and FYE Classroom," at the College Composition and Communication to be held in Portland, Oregon, in 2017.  


Office Flowers Hall 360
Office Phone 512-245-5273                                                     


Ph.D., English, University of Texas at San Antonio
M.A., English, Texas State University
B.A., English, University of Oklahoma


Teaching & Research Interests  
Composition Theory Writing Center Studies
Composition Pedagogy Women's Rhetoric                            


Select Publications
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“Coming in from the (Binary) Code: Deconstruction in the Composition Classroom.” Writing on the Edge 25.2 (2015): 37-50. Print.
“Cross-Examining Bigotry: Using Toulmin’s Argument Model and Huckin’s CDA to Interrogate Overt and Covert Racist Arguments.” The CEA Forum (2015): 55-89. Web
"Talking Dirty: A History of "Slut." This is What a Feminist Slut Looks Like. Bradford, Ontario: Demeter Press, 2015. Print.
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