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Congratulations! Conference Presentations and Awards

MARC student Sarah Piercy has been accepted to present two projects. The first presentation is titled, "Listening as Rhetorical Action: Theorizing Muses and Applying Healthy Cross-Boundary Discourse" and the second presentation is titled, "Why and Who Cares? Interviews with Generation Z First-Year Writers on Literacy and Ethos." She will be presenting at the Rhetoric Society of America conference (RSA) in Portland, Oregon on May 22-24, 2020.

MARC student Sarah Piercy has been accepted to present at two different conferences. She will be presenting “Generation Z Speaks: Conversations with First-Year Writing Students” at the CCCC in Milwaukee, March 25-28 2020. She will also be presenting “Across the Generations: Studying First-Year Writing and Identity” at TYCA-SW (Two-Year College Association-Southwest) in Conroe, TX, October 24-26 2019. 

MARC student Samuel Garcia will be presenting his paper, "Writing Queerly: How Trans Perspectives Can Benefit Writing Center Sessions" at the 2019 International Writing Center Association/National Conference on Peer Tutors of Writing in Columbus, Ohio in October 2019. He will also be presenting his paper, "You See Me, but Can You Hear Me? Transcending Narratives in Traditional Coursework" as a roundtable discussion at the College English Association at the MLA Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington in January 2020.

MARC student Lea Colchado will be presenting her paper "Slumber of Sins and the Shadow Beast: Looking at Teresa DeCartegna's Writing Through an Anzaldúan Lens" at the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) Conference in October 2019.

MARC student Sarah Piercy will present her paper "Imitation Methods for Generation Z: Wedding Digital, Traditional, and Theatrical Rhetorics" at the 2019 CEA Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

MARC student Sierra Lafollette will present her paper "But Locke, We Have Emoji Now: An Exploration of the Rhetorical Efficacy of Emoji in Media" at the 2019 CEA Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.
MARC student Samuel Garcia presented his paper "Some (Re) Assembly Required: Navigating Masculinity in Higher Education as A Transman of Color" at the 2019 3rd Mid-Atlantic CCCC Summer Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.
MARC student Lea Colchado presented her paper "Cisneros, Sexuality, and Assault: How Sandra Cisneros Paved the Way for the #MeToo and #WhyIDidn'tReport Movements in Caramelo" at the 2019 MELUS (The Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature in the United States) Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.
MARC student Sierra Lafollette presented her paper "But Locke, We Have Emoji Now: An Exploration of Rhetorical Efficacy in Interpersonal Communication" at the 2019 Southwest Popular Culture Association Conference (SWPACA) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
MARC student Sarah Piercy presented her paper "Generation Z: Practicing Classical Pedagogy and Digital Rhetoric in Composition Classrooms" at the 2019 Southwest Popular American Culture Association Conference (SWPACA) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
MARC students Arun Raman, Cooper Day, and Michael Gonzales, and MARC faculty Dr. Eric Leake co-chaired the roundtable "Building Classroom Community through Empathy: Instructor/Student Identification, Writing Assignments, and Classroom improvisations" at the 2018 CCCC's in Kansas City, Missouri. 
MARC student Connor Wilson presented his paper "A Great Variety of Curious Experiments: Electricity and Popular Culture in the Age of Enlightenment" at the 2018 Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPACA) conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
MARC student Emily Rybarski presented her paper "Intergenerational Contact: Writing for and About our Elderly" at the 2017 Conference on Community Writing: Engaging Networks and Ecologies in Boulder, Colorado. 
Dr. Rebecca Jackson was a speaker on a panel titled "Uncovered: Studying Writing Center Director Satisfaction, Retention, Migration, and Burnout," at the 2017 International Writing Centers Association Conference in Chicago, Illinois. 
MARC students Arun Raman and Rachel Elliot and Senior English Lecturer Keri Fitzgerald co-chaired the roundtable "Complicating the Center: Confronting Hate and Discrimination" at the 2017 International Writing Centers of America in Chicago, Illinois.
MARC student Arun Raman was a respondent to the panel "Capitalism and Post-Colonial Theory" at the 20th Annual Student Philosophy Symposium in San Marcos, Tx, April 7, 2017. 
MARC student Arun Raman co-chaired the roundtable "Madness in Academia: Stories and Sense-making from Neurodiverse perspectives" at the 2017 Survive & Thrive Online Summit. 
Dr. Rebecca Jackson presented on the panel "Beyond the Anecdotal: Studying Writing Center Director Labor" at the 2016 International Writing Centers Association Conference in Denver, CO, October 13-17, 2016.
MARC student Nathaniel Hagemaster presented his paper "Playing 'Fishy' Drag in Digital Spaces: Creating Queer Gaming Identities that Resist Monstrous Forms of Queerness" at the 2016 PCA/ACA conference in Seattle, Washington.
MARC student Kristin Milligan presented "Discussions of Racism and White Privilege: Can Writing Centers Afford to Ignore Them?" at the SUNY Conference on Writing 2016 on March 5th, 2016 in Albany, New York. 
The MARC program was well represented at the third annual Trends in Teaching College Composition Conference hosted by Collin College in Mckinney, Texas. Dr. Jaíme Mejia presented "Using Sociology to Assess Audience Awareness in FYC Classes." Clare Murray presented "'This I believe': Latin@ Narratives in Freshman Student Writing" and Edward Garza presented "...And El Español Did Not Devour Them: Crossing Composition Borders with LatinX Literature." 
Dr. Eric Leake presented "Recovering Empathy with Things" at the 2016 Rhetoric Society of America conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The MARC program was well represented at the 2016 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Houston, Texas by Dr. Octavio Pimentel, Dr. Eric Leake, and Dr. Rebecca Jackson. Dr. Pimentel presented "Opening the Gateway: The Power of Dual Language Composition Courses"; Dr. Leake presented "Empathy and the Essay: Writing in Response to Perspective-Taking Prompts"; and Dr. Jackson will acted as a respondent to speakers on a panel about MA programs sponsored by the Master's Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists. (MDCWSS). As co-chairs of the Master's Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists, Dr. Leake and Dr. Jackson conducted the consortium's annual business meeting at 4Cs.

MARC student, Nathaniel Hagemaster presented at the graduate student conference (E)racing Theory, (En)gendering Praxis at the University of California in Irvine. The conference was on March 2nd and 3r of 2017. The paper he presented on was "Queening the Intersection: Using Drag Rhetoric and Intersectional Theory in Critical Composition Pedagogy."

Current MARC students- Emily Rybarski and Arun Raman presented on a panel at the Conference on Community Writing in Boulder, Colorado. The conference will be October 19th- 21st of 2017. The title of their panel is "Community Writing Pedagogies: From Pre-Revolutionary Foundations to Contemporary FYC Applications."