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Dr. Rebecca Jackson (MARC professor) and Jackie Grutsch McKinney's edited collection, Self+Culture+Writing: Autoethnography for/as Writing Studies" will be published by Utah State UP in early 2020. This collection will be the first on autoethnography in rhetoric and writing studies. Rebecca and Jackie wrote the collection's critical introduction. 

Dr. Eric Leake's article "The Dinner Table Debate and the Uses of Hospitality" has been published in the latest issue of the Present Tense.
"Exito (Success)," written by Dr. Octavio Pimentel and Dr. Nancy Wilson, appears in Decolonizing Rhetoric and Composition Studies: New Latinx Keywords for Theory and Pedagogy.
Dr. Rebecca Jackson's co-authored book (with Jackie Grutsch McKinney and Nicole Caswell), The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, has been published by Utah State University Press, 2016.
Dr. Rebecca Jackson's article, "Writing Center Administration and/as Emotional Labor," coauthored with Jackie Grutsch McKinney and Nicole Caswell, has been published in the latest issue of Composition Forum.
Reflections has published MARC student Shane Teague's review of Aja Martinez and Vershawn Ashanti Young's edited collection, Code-meshing as World English: Pedagogy, Policy, and Performance, in its Spring 2016 issue. 
MARC student Kristin Milligan's piece "Formal Outlines and Their Limitations" will be included in the forthcoming publication Bad Ideas About Writing, a collection co-edited by Cheryl Ball and Drew Loewe. 
Dr. Eric Leake's coauthored chapter with Cydney Alexis and Scot Barnet, titled "Composing Place, Composing Las Vegas," has been published in Star Vanguri's edited collection Rhetorics of Names and Naming, part of the Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Composition series. 
Dr. Eric Leake's article "Empathizer-in-Chief: The Promotion and Performance of Empathy in the Speeches of Barack Obama" has been published in Volume 6, Issue 1 of the Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric
Dr. Deb Balzhiser’s article, "Participatory Design Research for Curriculum Development of Graduate Programs for Workplace Professionals,” written with Paul Sawyer (Southeastern Louisiana University), J Smith (MATC), and Shen Womack (MATC), appears in Programmatic Perspectives 7.2 (Fall 2015). Web.
Dr. Octavio Pimentel's book--Historias de Éxito within Mexican Communities: Silenced Voices (Palgrave Macmillan a division of St. Martin’s Press)--is now in print.